9 Unique Ideas to Design Your Own Custom Mugs

Custom mugs

Coffee mugs with attractive images, catchy messages, warm wishes, memorable quotes or exclusive artwork are sure to leave a mark in people’s mind. Custom coffee mugs are widely used as a promotional product by marketers. Furthermore, personalized mugs certainly can amaze your loved ones.   

Custom mugs are amongst those versatile items that can be treasured as gifts, and can also be considered as one of the most thoughtful yet convenient ways to convey a brand message. Coffee mugs with printed design, message and logo are a staple in modern kitchen, offices & boardrooms. 

Interestingly, you can showcase your creative skills on already customized coffee mugs. Designhill tool allows you to choose images, colours, fonts, typefaces from a plethora of options to create a design of your own for the mugs. You just need to register with this online reliable & user-friendly platform, create and upload the design you choose. Completion of this step allows you to get the design printed on your personalized coffee mugs.

Designing any kind of custom mug is easy, flexible & affordable at Designhill. However, keeping some considerations in mind to give a touch of elegance & beauty to already printed and image-filled coffee mugs is essential.

So, let’s check out the ideas that can help give your personalized mugs the look you desire:

  1. Start with a Plan

Before initiating the design process, make sure you make a concrete plan of the design from start to finish. It is crucial to consider the complete size of your chosen design, and check how well it fits on mug space. 

Also find out whether the design covers the entire space of the mug or will be showcased just on one side. Moreover, considering the type of colors & the number of colors you wish to use in your design is important. Last but not least, be sure of the fact that the design you plan to implement in a mug is permanent or washable, microwaveable or dishwasher-safe.

  1. Find Something Inspirational

To design your custom mug, it is imperative to browse through a long list of professionally-designed templates. This enhances your artistic skill and helps you think beyond general black canvas. It is advised to search by color, mood, task, platform, aesthetic appearance of the mug to have fresh inspiration handy. 

Furthermore, you can choose quotations from an author, actor or any other renowned public figure. This step helps you add a spark of inspiration to your personalized mug, and give it a fresh, unique look.

  1. Choose a Highly Durable Base Mug

It is obvious that you want your coffee mug to be in use for years. Therefore, choosing stainless steel or ceramics are the best ways to ensure durability of a mug. Both ceramics & stainless steel are non-porous, and hence doesn’t affect the aroma of the coffee. 

In addition, these material-based coffee mugs help keep coffee hot for quite a long time. Ceramic and stainless steel ensure durability to the custom coffee mugs. Also, these mugs are dishwasher-safe, microwaveable & rust-proof.

  1. Be Choosy with Colours

Colour is an important thing to consider while designing your custom coffee mug. It can have a real impact on your mug design. Before undertaking the project of mug designing, it is pivotal to understand which colours suit best with the design, texture of the mug. 

Also make sure to choose the right level & shade of color to give the mug an exclusive & attractive look. However, remember that too much colour can ruin the entire design, giving it a messy and unorganized look.

  1. Choose a Larger-Volume Mug

It’s true! Coffee lovers would love refilling their cup with little extra coffee. Thus, choosing a bigger mug to design is a great idea. Designers can portray their creativity on a large scale while satisfying brews lovers by providing them a larger proportion of their favorite drink.

  1. Try Making It Memorable

It is suggested to give a memorable design to any kind of personalized coffee mug. The more memorable design you implement, the more you can stand out in the crowd. Unique, stylish, memorable designs can draw the attention of people in home & office.

  1. Don’t Plagiarize

Plagiarism can ruin your artistic skills. It is crucial to be aware of the images; logos, slogans and artwork you use are not copied. If you use any, make sure you seek prior approval from the owner of the work.

  1. Use a Pointed Specific Pen

A simple yet most effective way to design a personalized mug is to use a highly pointed pen specifically designed to ink an exquisite design in ceramic & stainless steel based mugs. Using sharpie brand pens are sure to create long-lasting designs. 

  1. Keep Vinyl Handy

Using vinyl in mug designing is a big plus. Because of its permanent adhesive strength, vinyl ensures durability to custom coffee mugs. After applying vinyl, make sure you let the mug keep aside for 48 hours before washing. This span of time helps the adhesive come to full strength.

Wrapping Up

A custom-design mug itself is a thoughtful way of fascinating your loved ones, creating brand awareness. And when you design your own coffee mug considering these ideas, you get a scope to show your artistic skills in an object with limited space. 

Hope you find these custom mug design ideas inspirational, and can create one that is uniquely ‘yours’.

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