Different Types of Bed Sheets to Shop Around For

Different Types of Bed Sheets to Shop Around For

You might be one of those people who look at bed sheets and thinks that they’re all the same. Well, you might be surprised to discover just how wrong you actually are. Not all sheets are created equal by a long shot. In fact, some are so cheap and poorly made that your sleep quality will suffer just by laying on them. We’re going to go over some decent and well-made sheets for you to consider, especially if you’re in the market for a good night’s sleep.

The History of the Sheet

Some of the earliest sheets in history were made of linen and are generally believed to have originated in Egypt, who first mastered the art of weaving linens. Living in a boiling hot continent like Africa, they understood the different secrets to keeping cool enough to sleep at night. 

They also learned very quickly that the lighter the weave in fabrics, the easier it was to stay cool in all temperatures. Thanks to European influence, the secrets of sheets were spread to the New World and improved upon from there.


This is where different lengths of threads in a sheet are either singular or woven together to create firmer or looser weaves that feel different to the touch. Single-ply sheets tend to be a bit on the firmer side with a longer lifespan. 

It is generally favored by the public compared to the two-ply, loose-knit of the other sheet, which has a much shorter lifespan and can be heavier and rougher than its counterpart.

High-Quality Sheets

These sheets are renowned for their strength and durability. They are made from strong cotton fibers and woven together tightly into a soft, tenuous weave that even has a slight shiny appearance to it. 

These high-quality sheets aren’t just comfortable and soft to the touch, they’re also airy, which means heat distribution is much better than sheets made from other material. The only downside is that well-made cotton sheets tend to run a bit on the expensive side, usually at around $200 a set.

Size and Fits

Flat sheets– the thin sheets that people usually lay underneath, laying between the fitted sheets and the blankets.

Fitted sheets-the sheet that covers the mattress.

Sheets also come in a wide variety of sizes to fit different mattresses for perfected size and lengths. Fitted sheets are designed to fit snugly over the selected mattress size without slipping off during the night, which can be very annoying.

Personal Preference

When it comes to what you might be looking for in a sheet, you have to look at what your body prefers. You’re going to want something breathable like cotton. Bamboo sheets are great for helping you to stay cool at night, which helps keep you asleep. 

A latex mattress paired with bamboo sheets help to double the airflow as well. And if you prefer heavier covering at night, such as comforters or a weighted blanket, a lighter weave sheet is going to be perfect to balance out the heat of the heavy blankets you keep over you.


A good sheet can make all the difference between a comfortable night’s sleep and a miserable one. Take your time and shop around, and shop wisely. Look for deals and shop smarter, not harder.

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